Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skin Care Product On Review: Nivea Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus

Our hands are no less than prone to sun damage but unfortunately, they are often neglected when putting on sun protection on the skin. As a result, as we can see on others and maybe on ourselves, the hands show signs of sun damage in forms of sun spots, uneven skin tone, and even wrinkles. 

Wouldn't it be horrendous to see our face tight and firm while our hands look icky and wrinkled?

Therefore, we must also care for our hands as we do for the rest of our face and body. As for me, I do this by using Nivea Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus.

 It is a hand cream made to protect the skin against sun damage and early signs of skin aging. 

This product never leaves my purse so that I can replenish my hand with moisture whenever I need it.

As I only use it on my hands, this tube will last me for months. 

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