Monday, June 13, 2011

New Skin Products: Glutaderm Set

Hello there!

I've been neglecting this blog. I'm a bad blogger. :( 

But, I got new skin products in my stash that I wish to share with you.

But before that, just a little disclaimer. I LOVE my morena skin. I am merely using this product because I got way too curious of it that I pushed the "BUY" button on Ebay rather too quickly and without giving it much careful thought. Rather than have a bad rating, I proceeded on buying it.

Here are my new skin care products:

It's a set of Glutaderm, which includes a bar of soap, a small jar of cream, and a 120ml bottle of lotion. 

I have only tried it for two days. No significant results is showing yet. But, man, this lotion thing is quite thick and filmy. It leaves a luminous trace on my skin. It's rather awkward I tell ya. Imagine a morena skin topped with a thin luminous film of cellophane, but really really thin. Did I make sense?

But anyway, the soap bar label stated that I should see "instant results in 5 days". Well it ain't instant if it took 5 days right? lol. I'll see you after three more days then? Hehe.